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Early Stage Young Professionals is an experiential innovation programme for future leaders and intrapreneurs who want to help their organisations thrive in a disruptive future.
Why attend Early Stage’s Young Professionals Programme?

Disrupt, or Be Disrupted

In a time of unprecedented change across all industries, agility and innovation are more important aspects of business than ever before. Your organisation will not be able to thrive tomorrow by simply doing more of what got you here.

Yet, even in a rapidly changing world, certain things hold true – practice still makes perfect. If you’re practising literal fire drills regularly, you should also practise figurative fire drills that can kill your business.

What happens when new technology disrupts your business model? How do you react to unforeseen changes in the market landscape? How do you deal with startups who target your most profitable verticals?

The ES Young Professionals Programme prepares you to deal with such inevitable challenges before they materialise.
What is the ES Young Professionals Programme?

Engaging, Experiential Innovation Training

Innovation is a set of learnable skills. But they need to be practised, not preached. The Early Stage Young Professionals Programme gives a selected few aspiring leaders and intrapreneurs an arena for practising innovation by actually doing it. 

We teach our participants how to use best practises from the startup world when conducting business within their organisations.

  • How can you experiment and test new ideas cheaply and quickly, and avoid wasting time on projects that are doomed to fail? At Early Stage, teams learn to test and validate their ideas fast and inexpensively.
  • At Early Stage, participants do not write business plans – the teams launch real products and services to the marketplace, learn from customer feedback, and tweak their products accordingly.
  • At Early Stage, participants do not read theories about customer behaviour – instead, they talk to and observe real people.
Who is the programme for?

Seeking Ambitious Young Professionals and Intrapreneurs

Through a rigorous vetting process, we select the participants who get to partake in the ES Young Professionals Programmes.

We welcome ambitious people under the age of 30 from various industry backgrounds. Participants’ subject expertise is relevant, but their drive and motivation trump existing know-how in the selection process.

As we value diversity among participants, each organisation is allowed to send a maximum of 4 people into each programme.

Early Stage gives you an unique opportunity to be an entrepreneur and to learn without taking the risks normally involved. The most important thing I learned from the program is how to validate ideas by building minimum viable products.

Ida HamarslandSelected Participant

If you have even the slightest interest in entrepreneurship, I strongly encourage you to apply. You won't regret it!

Eirik NerdalSelected Participant

Early Stage gave us the opportunity of testing our ideas directly in the market without any risk. I really learnt a lot from this, and it has inspired me to continue developing my entrepreneurial skills.

Ingrid KleppeSelected Participant

This programme should be mandatory for all economics and engineering students – it is incredibly important knowledge.

Torleif MadsenMentor

Early Stage was an amazing learning experience for me, and it will be for you too – you're mad if don't apply!

Stian SkulstadSelected Participant

Early Stage was a fun, practical and inspiring way to learn entrepreneurial skills. I recommend the program to everyone interested in testing new ideas in order to build a new business or to add value to an existing organisation.

Tine TunglandSelected Participant

Early Stage is very professional, with high quality content delivered in a fun, engaging way – I even learned a lot as a mentor.

Erik AadlandMentor

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